Nuclear: a strategic asset for the French armies, and not only for its deterrence

The atom, in addition to its decisive character in France's carbon-free electrical mix, pulls a set of industrial sectors upwards: chemistry, IT, artificial intelligence… The relaxation of State support for the nuclear industrial sector could nevertheless have a decisive impact on French defense capabilities.

In industrial matters, and in particular in a field as technical as nuclear, losses linked to know-how can be very fast. The delays accumulated in the construction of the Flamanville EPR testify moreover to the difficulties of the French nuclear sector in retaining all the technical control necessary for such a structure, when the last reactor built dates back to 2002. A precious but fragile sector, bitter by politics: although the construction of 6 next installments of EPR is still in the government boxes, the atom remains the symbolic scapegoat of all politicians in search of "green-washing", in favor of renewable energies. A paradox, when we know the performance of nuclear in terms of CO2, but let's move on.

The Flamanville EPR site experienced numerous delays and additional costs, above all caused by poor management and the loss of experience linked to the construction of civilian nuclear reactors.

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