With its Super Hornet Block III, Boeing offers super-connected aircraft capable of countering stealth threats

On May 8, Boeing released a video showing the first F/A-18F Super Hornet Block III leaving its factory. Presenting numerous technical evolutions, the Block III should succeed at the end of the year the Super Hornet Block II, the last copies of which being delivered to the US Navy on April 17.

This aircraft is the first of two Super Hornet Block IIIs intended to perform flight tests for the benefit of the US Navy. It will thus gradually receive all the equipment specific to the Block III standard, allowing the first fully equipped aircraft to be delivered in the coming months. Compared to Block II, which massively equips the squadrons of the US Navy, Block III should present many improvements in terms of connectivity, sensors, interface and autonomy.

The first Super Hornet Block III when it left the factory. The Super Hornet Block II had a lifespan of 6000 flight hours, increased to 7500 hours by a refresher program. The Block III has a lifespan of over 9000 flight hours, both for new aircraft and for Block IIs which will be upgraded.

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