The US Navy and the Secretary of the Navy are in favor of the return of Commander Crozier to the command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The decision to relieve of his command Captain (N) Brett Crozier, commanding the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, when it had just arrived at the dock in Guam following the explosion in the number of Covid19 cases on board, provoked many reactions in the United States, both in public opinion and in the political sphere and military. Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, behind this decision, also ends up resigning following comments made on board the American aircraft carrier. This inglorious episode of the US Navy risks experiencing a final twist since, according to the New York Times, his Chief of Staff, Admiral Michael Gilday, and the new Secretary of the Navy, James McPherson, have both spoken in favor of the reinstatement of Captain Crozier in his command aboard Theodore Roosevelt.

Indeed, while awaiting the final report being drafted concerning the investigation conducted following the publication in the press of a letter sent by Commander Crozier asking for land 90% of its crew ashore to stop the spread of the virus on board, the two men would have taken cognizance of the preliminary report, which would present a dynamic very different from that initially suspected concerning the distribution of this letter, much less dependent on the captain of the ship. The report points out in particular the consequences of the lack of responsiveness in communications linked to the time difference between all the decision-makers, which would have created an extension of the decision-making time incompatible with the urgency on board. Moreover, it would have been shown that the flight to the San Francisco Chronicle of Commander Crozier's letter was not due to Commander Crozier, but to another US Navy officer.

Captain Brett Crozier could return to command aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt after the ongoing investigation

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