The test campaign of Russian 3M22 Tzirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile accelerates

Obviously, the Russian Navy is anxious to implement the hypersonic anti-ship missile 3M22 Tzirkon intended to replace the supersonic missiles P700 on a part of its underwater and surface units. Indeed, according to the state news agency Tass, the state test campaign, which still requires about ten launches, will be held between 2020 and 2021, anticipating entry into service for the second half of 2021, or the beginning of 2022. By way of comparison, the tests validation of the P800 Onyx supersonic anti-ship missile took place over nearly 5 years.

According to an unquoted source, the test campaign will consist of 7 to 8 shots from the new frigate Admiral Gorshkov , first unit of the eponymous class of project 22350, while 3 tests will be carried out from the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine, first unit of the new Yasen class of attack nuclear submarines of project 885 / 885M. It therefore appears that, to support such a density of activity, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov will probably and almost exclusively be assigned to this mission , and that Severodvinsk will also devote a good part of its available operational time to it, showing the determination of the Russian admiralty to commissioned this missile in the shortest possible time. According to Tass's lapidary press release, out of the 3 shots fired from Severodvinsk, "at least" one will be done while diving.

The Yasen-class submarines will be the only ones to use the Zirkon missile when the missile enters service

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