British Defense Review Delayed To Address Consequences Of COVID-19 Pandemic

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the next defense strategy review (the equivalent of the French Defense White Paper) could be "hard to swallow" for the British military. Planned to update the post-Brexit UK strategic vision, this integrated review has been delayed because of the Covid-19 epidemic. However, the consequences of the pandemic on British military affairs and on the world economy should cruelly affect the future military, industrial and diplomatic choices of the United Kingdom.

For almost thirty years, the publication of British strategic reviews has generally been accompanied by real apprehension on the part of the armed forces, which have systematically seen their resources reduced since the end of the Cold War. Following the heavy bills of the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Strategic Defense and Security Review of 2010 had thus resulted in abandonment of maritime patrol capabilities for the Royal Air Force, a drastic reduction in the combat capabilities of the British Army, but also the immediate withdrawal of Harrier fighter planes and their aircraft carriers. Symbolic decisions which greatly limited the British ability to act just a few months later, during the military intervention in Libya.

During the intervention in Libya in 2011, the United Kingdom no longer had aircraft carriers, the Harriers having left operational service a few months earlier. Only Apache helicopters were able to intervene, especially from HMS Ocean which has since been sold to Brazil

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