Pakistan receives first Chinese-made VT4 heavy tanks

Chinese industry clearly wants to make an impression in this period of limited global activity in the defense industry, by emphasizing the execution of its contracts, whether for the national forces or for the export. This is how the manufacturer of armored vehicles NORINCO, considered today to be the world leader in this market, announced that it had hired delivery of the first batch of VT4 heavy tanks ordered by Pakistan.

Just a year ago, the Pakistani authorities announced the order of 240 Chinese VT4 heavy tanks, export version of the Type 99 tanks in service in the PLA, alongside 340 Russian T90MS heavy tanks, in order to strengthen the 350 Al Kahid tanks, derived from the Chinese Type 90, and the T80UD acquired from Ukraine, and replacing some 600 Type 59 and 160 Type 69, respectively derived from the Soviet T54 and T62, in advanced obsolescence state. If the order with Norinco went perfectly well, and the first tanks therefore took the road to Islamabad, the order with Moscow has encountered serious difficulties.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 25 hp per ton, the VT4 offers good all-terrain mobility

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