Chinese GAIC FTC-2000G attack plane finds first customer in Southeast Asia

The information was unveiled by the Chinese press and confirmed by representatives of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation) and the Chinese Ministry of Defense: the FTC-2000G fighter plane found a first export customer less than a year and a half later its first flight . The contract was said to have been signed in January and covers an unknown number of aircraft. In addition, the identity of the launch customer of this light two-seater fighter also remains secret for the moment, even if Myanmar appears at the top of the predictions.

According to the information released, we only know that the customer is located in Southeast Asia, and that the first deliveries are expected for 2021 and will last approximately two years. This suggests that it could be, at best, two dozen aircraft ordered. GIAC did not wish to communicate on the device client. Beyond Burma (Myanmar) however, only Cambodia or possibly Thailand could buy Chinese military equipment in Southeast Asia, and the FTC-2000G would be very unlikely to interest one of these two countries.

The weapon configurations presented with the FTC-2000G clearly suggest that the aircraft will be primarily suited for ground attack. However, it will be agile enough to provide short-range air defense.

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