The 3 German Defense shipyards unite to face the national and international challenges to come

The German press recently revealed that Berlin has been looking for consolidate its naval industry to create a single national champion able to compete with the French Naval Group, the Italian Fincantieri, and even the Spanish Navantia. This merger, which has since been confirmed by German manufacturers, seems to be a reaction to the award of the development contract for the frigates MKS-180 to the Dutch company Damen last January.

For the moment, the merger mentioned in Germany would concern three companies. Quite logically, we would find ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), a German giant in the construction of military ships and submarines based in Hamburg. The agreement currently being negotiated also includes the German Naval Yards Kiel (GNYK) shipyard, already very close to TKMS, and which currently belongs to the Privinvest holding. Ironically, it will be noted that GNYK was owned by TKMS until 2011, when the shipyard was sold to Privinvest. Finally, the Lürssen company based in Bremen is also affected by this merger. If Lürssen is mainly specialized in the realization of luxury yachts, the company maintains a notable military activity, and was moreover associated with the Dutch Damen for the contract of production of the frigates MKS-180.

During delivery to the German Navy, the four F125-type frigates were built by ARGE F125, a joint venture between TKMS and Lürssen. Bilateral agreements are not uncommon between the various German shipyards, but the current merger aims to consolidate the production of surface ships in the long term

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