Naval Group unveils its measures to deal with Covid-19 and the crises looming in the coming years

In France, the measures of confinement and social distancing imposed by the coronavirus epidemic affect almost all companies. Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a gigantic economic crisis, with a sharp reduction in production in most countries of the northern hemisphere. At the same time, as we have regularly reported, international tensions have increased all over the world, imposing the alerting of fighter planes and the deployment of warships. In addition, most military navies are now involved in the fight against the coronavirus.

In this context, some manufacturers must simultaneously manage the health crisis, the reduction of economic activity and the support of their global customers. In France, this is particularly the case for Naval Group, which designs, manufactures and maintains most of the military ships sold to the French Navy and to customers of the French naval industry. Yesterday, the French group thus press release on the measures that will be put in place to protect its employees during the current crisis, while continuing to provide support to naval forces around the world.

Employee health and financial security

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