The 2 Swedish Södermanland class submarines come closer to Warsaw

Last November, the Polish authorities confirmed that they had entered into negotiations with the Swedish Kockums and their Swedish counterparts with a view to leasing or acquiring the two anaerobic Södermanland-class submarines in service in the Swedish Navy, in order to strengthen the potential of its submarine fleet in the Baltic Sea pending the first deliveries of submarines from the Orka program. Today, the hypothesis presented then takes shape, with the authorization given by the Swedish parliament to deliver the two submersibles to the Polish Navy.

For Poland, this solution appears to be most interesting, because it makes it possible to take over from the 877 Kilo program submarine inherited from the Warsaw Pact and from the Kobben class light submarines all of a canonical age and not being more capable of fulfilling an operational mission effectively. In addition, Warsaw is fully aware that the acquisition of the two AIP (Air Independent Propulsion or Anaerobic Propulsion) Södermanland submarines by the Polish navy would favor the offer of Saab and Kockum for the Orka program, about which the Swedes are offering the A26 model against the Scorpene of the French Naval Group and the Type 212 CD of the German TKMS, whereas so far, the competition seemed to be more orientated between a new Franco-German confrontation.

Russian Navy to receive 6 new Project 636.3 improved Kilo submarines for the Baltic Sea fleet

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