New arms orders for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

In North Africa, the past fifteen years have seen the Algerian and Moroccan armed forces modernize in depth. If the balance of forces between the two neighboring countries has not specially changed in the last decades, their land, air and naval forces are now equipped with modern and efficient equipment. As the European powers suffer at the same time a serious reduction of their military equipment, Morocco and especially Algeria saw by contrast their strategic importance growing in the Mediterranean region.

For some years now, however, the arms race between the two countries seems to have settled down. Large contracts follow one another at a slower pace, and the time is above all for the consolidation of capacities already under control. In this context, new announcements suggest that Morocco could acquire Harpoon anti-ship missiles for its fleet of F-16 fighter jets, while Algeria would in negotiations for the purchase of Mi-28 combat helicopters additional.

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The use of F-16 for anti-ship control is quite rare. Taiwan uses the Harpoon on its F-16Vs.

Harpoon missiles for Morocco

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