Connection difficulties: how to do it?

For the past few weeks, some subscribers have sometimes encountered difficulties in connecting to the service via the website or the application. This is a cache management issue that conflicts with the identification we are actively working on, and which should be resolved with the next version of the service. In the meantime, we recommend that you take the following steps if you experience these issues:

For the application : Completely delete the application from your smartphone, and reinstall it from the Apple or Google store. This will eliminate the cache and so far it has solved the problem.

For connection to the website : the approach is different. You must empty your browser's cache in order to eliminate connection parameters that conflict with the session. For Firefox, go to the "Firefox" menu and select the "Preferences" submenu, then the "Privacy and security" tab. In the "Cookies and site data" section, click on the "Clear data" button, then reconnect to the site.

If despite these measures, the problem persists, please contact us by telling us the context of the faulty connection (OS, version, browser used, browser version) at . Please let us know if you're having the same problem with another browser, or with the app, and vice versa. So far, we have received reports of problems only from applications installed on Android and the Firefox browser on Windows. This will allow us to better orient our search for a solution.

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