Boeing restarts KC-46 and P-8 production after three weeks of shutdown

The 25 last march, Boeing announced that it ceased production of airliners at its various production sites in the Puget Sound area, near Seattle. Washington State has indeed been severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, requiring the closure of the main businesses in the region. For Boeing, this meant ceasing production of civilian aircraft, but also military aircraft derived from them, such as the KC-46 Pegasus refueller and the P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

After three weeks of closure, the line of the Pegasus in Everett and the Poseidon in Renton were relaunched this morning, with reinforced sanitary measures to ensure the safety of employees. The revival of defense activities was indeed seen as a matter of national security, as the government asked that the coronavirus epidemic not halt the United States' defense effort. At the end of March, USAF Procurement Officer Will Roper had declared that the break in production of the KC-46 should not exceed one month, otherwise the USAF would have serious logistical problems in the long term. .

The resumption of production of P-8 and KC-46 should reduce logistical pressure on US forces.

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