Qatar prepares to boost air power after first F-15QA flight

Qatari Defense Ministry says first of 36 F-15QA Advanced Eagle aircraft ordered from Boeing in 2017 made its first flight April 13 at the Saint Louis, Missouri, plant. Deliveries are expected to begin this year and extend until 2023, when the F-15QA will operate with Rafale and Eurofighter aircraft also ordered by the Qatar Air Force.

The first flight of the F-15QA marks a new milestone in a program that has lagged behind over the years. Initially, it was planned that the first aircraft would be delivered to Qatar in early 2020. But it now appears that the Qatari air force will not be able to take delivery of its first aircraft for a few more months, the time to perform the last tests on the first F-15QAs.

During its first flight, the F-15QA performed maneuvers under high load factor. As the device is derived from the well-known F-15SA, its development should be quite rapid

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