Azerbaijan pays close attention to Russian MIG-35 fighter

Repeated statements by the Pakistani authorities about an "imminent" sale of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to Azerbaijan, but never confirmed by the authorities of the country, were probably precipitated. Indeed, according to the Azerbaijani website Turan , the country's authorities are said to have started negotiations with Russia to acquire Mig-35 aircrafts. In addition, the Azerbaijani air force is also reportedly interested in the Su-35, and national representatives have visited the production lines of the two aircrafts under the leadership of the Rosoboronexport consortium in recent weeks.

Baku's desire to acquire new combat aircrafts is dictated by the 2019 announcement of delivery of the first Su-30SM to the Armenian air forces of the 12 aircrafts ordered, representing a big capability gap for this air force which, until now, only had a squadron of Su-25 attack aircrafts. Faced with the Su30SM, the Azeri Mig29X would find themselves at a clear disadvantage, in particular in terms of armament implemented and detection capabilities. Therefore, the choice of the Mig-35 appears relevant for a country which had already made in 2012 the Mig-29 as its main fighter, especially as the country has the surface of Austria, and does not require, from therefore, jets with a long range or very large carrying capacities. For pilot training, Baku has announced that it will acquire 10 italian M-346 ordered during the official visit of Azeri President Ilham Aliyev last February to Rome, and put an option for 15 other planes in view of replacing their Su-25 ground attack aircrafts.

Armenia received the first 4 copies of the 12 Su-30SM ordered from Russia

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