Japanese Coast Guard purchases additional H225 Super Puma

In the midst of a global economic downturn, new orders for aircraft are scarce. Yet the Japanese Ministry of Defense and Airbus announced on April 6 that the Japan Coast Guard would acquire two new H225 Super Puma heavy helicopters.

The JCG is already the main operator of this type of helicopter in Japan. During the 1990s, the Japanese Coast Guard had acquired a small number of AS.332L1 Super Puma, then produced by the French Aerospatiale. These devices quickly became the local benchmark in long-distance sea rescue, leading to the ordering of new units. Between 2005 and 2019, a dozen H225 Super Puma were purchased by the JCG. With the new order for two Super Pumas, the Coast Guard fleet will amount to fifteen aircraft: two AS.332s and thirteen H225s.

H225 of the Japan Coast Guard. Unlike the older generation AS.332 or the H215, the H225 has a main rotor with 5 blades. This aircraft is particularly appreciated for its sea rescue capabilities. Airbus image.

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