Apache AH-64E attack helicopters attempt sea attack in the Persian Gulf

A few days ago, we mentioned the tests carried out jointly in the Persian Gulf by the US Navy and the US Air Force to demonstrate the maritime attack capabilities of the AC-130 gunship aircraft. More recently, the US Navy communicated about Similar tests conducted in cooperation with the US Army and its AH-64E Apache helicopters.

Once again, these demonstrations carried out directly by the units deployed in the Persian Gulf serve above all to counter a very real threat. Indeed, swarms of small boats from Iran today pose a danger for civil navigation, American deployments and the oil interests of neighboring countries, in particular those of the Saudis. Whether they are landing crafts, minesweepers or remotely operated suicide attack ships, countering all these threats requires reactive and mobile means deploying a large number of small arms.

The ESB-3 Lewis B. Puller seen in the Persian Gulf in March 2020 with Apache and Balckhawk helicopters on board (Photo: US Army Spc. Cody Rich)

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