The Gripen E testing program is on schedule, while production of the Gripen F began

Last February, we devoted an important dossier to the Gripen E/F, the latest variant of the JAS-39 Gripen developed by the Swedish company Saab at the very end of the Cold War. For Saab, the stakes of the Gripen E/F were high: in a light fighter cell that had already proven itself, the Swedish aircraft manufacturer wanted to integrate the latest technological advances in air combat. Very long-range missiles, discrete data links, AESA radars, optronic ball and electronic warfare system: nothing was left to chance. Unfortunately, following several commercial setbacks, including the cancellation of the Swiss order in 2014, the Gripen E/F program…

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Apache AH-64E attack helicopters attempt sea attack in the Persian Gulf

A few days ago, we discussed the joint trials conducted in the Persian Gulf by the US Navy and the US Air Force to demonstrate the maritime attack capabilities of the AC-130 gunship aircraft. More recently, the US Navy communicated about similar tests carried out in cooperation with the US Army and its AH-64E Apache helicopters. Once again, these demonstrations carried out directly by the units deployed in the Persian Gulf serve above all to counter a very real threat. Indeed, swarms of small boats from Iran now pose a danger to civilian shipping, US deployments, and US oil interests.

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