The destroyer DDG-1000 USS Zumwalt will soon be operational, almost…

The new generation stealth destroyer Zumwalt, the first unit of the eponymous class of the US Navy, will soon finalize the installation of its combat system, according to a source quoted by website, allowing the ship to finally be declared operational, almost 4 years after entering service. Ordered in 2016 from BAe for $ 192 million, this combat system will allow the crew to merge data from detectors with data from weapons systems and communication systems, so as to make the ship autonomous and efficient at fight.

But the Zumwalt, like the class of destroyers that bears its name, is no more than the ghost of the ambitions of the US Navy that it represented. Launched in 2005, the Zumwalt program was intended to build 32 new generation destroyers, incorporating the best of the different technologies that equip combat ships, and intended to take control of the maritime space, provide incomparable fire support to the forces of landing and ground forces engaged within a 190 nm radius. In this sense, the Zumwalt were moreover more a definition of a cruiser than a destroyer, its dimensions of 15.000 m long and its displacement of more than XNUMX tonnes confirming this classification. But the strangeness of the Zumwalt classification is unfortunately only an epiphenomenon as the program has proved disastrous.

As for the Zumwalt class, the RAH-66 Comanche light attack helicopters are part of these abortive programs in the 2000s, after they cost US taxpayers $ 14 billion.

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