Reflet du Monde's RDM MIL drone ready to be tested for logistics applications for the benefit of the French armies

With the evolution and maturation of unmanned aircraft technologies, military requirements for logistics drones are currently accelerating. In France, the Bordeaux company Reflet du Monde intends to stand out in this sector with a heavy quadcopter capable of moving loads of around fifteen kilos, the RDM MIL.

Derived from RDM AG who knows a real success in the agricultural world, the RDM MIL is a 30kg drone that has already carried out various flight tests to assess the configurations envisaged for the military and civil security sectors. After having tested the possibility of transporting medical equipment and blood bags in hard-to-reach disaster zones, Reflet du Monde should soon be carrying out a demonstration of logistics transport in collaboration with the Army and the Directorate General of Armament (DGA). The coronavirus epidemic could, however, delay the demonstration program over time, but also reinforce the need for this type of remote-operated equipment.

A "heavy" drone for the armies

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