France deploys its amphibious helicopter carriers to deal with the coronavirus in its overseas territories

On the occasion of a press conference given at the conclusion of the visit to the new military field hospital deployed near Mulhouse to relieve the hospital structures in the Grand Est region hard hit by the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced, among other things, the launch of the military operation "Resilience" intended to organize and optimize the means of the armies to support the effort of the State and public infrastructures, in the first place of which the hospitals, facing the virus. Among the flagship measures of this operation, the French President announced the deployment of the Mistral amphibious helicopter carrier in the Indian Ocean in support of the French island of Reunion, and of the amphibious helicopter carrier Dixmude in the Caribbean to support the islands of the French Antilles in the first place of which the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. This subject was also dealt with in an article published on March 23.

Earlier this week, it was the third amphibious helicopter carrier, le Tonnerre, who had traveled to Corsica to evacuate patients to the mainland, and thus relieve hospital infrastructure. At the same time, the Air Force's new A330 MRTT Phoenix, the multi-purpose tanker aircraft intended to replace the KC-135 dating from the 70s, which carried several "Morphée" missions by moving patients from the Far East to provincial hospitals less saturated in the face of the spread of the virus. Note that the'Germany, but also Switzerland and Luxembourg, have also received sick French from the Grand Est region, many of whose inhabitants work in one of these 3 countries.

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President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday March 25 the start of Operation "Resilience"

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