Back to basics for the United States Marine Corps

It's a small revolution that is brewing at the Pentagon. In fact, the commander of the United States Marine Corps, General David Berger, has undertaken to profoundly modify this elite American force to enable it to meet the challenges that will be itss in 2030, and to be able to do so. face, in priority, to China. To achieve this, theUS Marines Corps will have to go back to basics and become again the light and highly mobile amphibious assault force it was until twenty years ago, when interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq gradually transformed it into a traditional mechanized infantry force.

To respond in a timely manner to operational challenges in the Pacific theater, the main concern of General David Berger, the Corps will have to go through multiple reforms and reorganizations, which will probably give it the impression of going through a wringer for the next 10 years . Thus, the Abrams heavy tank battalions will simply be eliminated, while the 21 mobile artillery batteries will see their number drop to 5, and the amphibious armored vehicle companies will drop from 6 to only 4. In the at the same time, the numbers will decrease by 12.000 combatants, and the naval infantry battalions will drop from 24 to 21. Aviation is not spared, with 6 squadrons of helicopters suppressed, including a squadron of V22 Osprey, a CH53 squadron and 2 squadrons of light attack helicopters. If the number of squadrons of F35B et F35C remains unchanged, the number of aircraft per squadron is reduced from 16 to 10, which will probably lead to a reduction in the volume of aircraft ordered.

Even the very symbolic F35B could be affected by the deep reorganization started by the Corps

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