Is the Internet of Thins a Trojan in the hands of the FSB?

The question may seem touting, however, it is legitimate, if we are to believe the publications made by the group of Russian hackers Digital Revolution on his Twitter account. And to support his claims, he publishes in a shared folder several words documents and a set of screenshots made, according to them, on servers belonging to the FSB, the Russian intelligence and security services. The documents presented show the existence of a suite of computer hacking tools based on the BotNet Fronton, and specialized in taking control of connected objects to transform them into attack platforms in denial of access, or DDOS, from servers accessible on the internet.

Concretely, the Fronton family which also contains the BotNets Fronton-3D and Fronton-18, allows to creep into connected objects, more and more numerous in homes as in businesses, and which protocols and security tools are lower than on computers, servers and even smartphones. In addition, piracy remains, for the most part, dormant and therefore undetectable by the user, who can participate in a denial of access attack against the critical IT infrastructures of his own country without being aware of it.

"Why is our own government spying on us through IoT?" In reality, they spy on the whole world. How do they do this?

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