New Chinese fighter planes to receive low-visibility anti-radar coating

In "The Art of War", Sun Tzu argues that any advantage or benefit, however small, must be used if it does not harm other existing factors. It is probably by applying this precept of Confucian thought that the Chinese military authorities decided, according to the site , to apply a low-visibility anti-radar coating on all new combat aircraft entering service with the forces. Aircrafts already in service will receive the same low visibility paint, without receiving anti-radiation coating from new devices. The objective is both to increase the visual and electromagnetic stealthiness of the aircraft, but also to facilitate the national identification of the aircrafts thanks to a standardized paintings.

Beyond the 5th generation J-20 fighter, the new versatile J-16, a device derived from the Russian Su-30 from which it incorporates the main characteristics as well as the tandem tandem configuration, was already equipped with this livery and this anti-radar coating. With this decree, the new J-10 light fighters, but also probably transport and support aircraft such as the Y-20, will be equipped with them, while older aircraft, such as the J-11 or JH-7, will only benefit from the low visibility livery.

The J16 already had an anti-radiation coating since 2019, and a dark gray low visibility painting

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