Homebound? Meta-Defense is thinking of you with the "3-month Discovery at € 9,90" offer

If we haven't already, we will all soon be housebound. It's not funny, but you can use this time to deepen your knowledge of defense with the Meta-Defense discovery offer. For only 9,90 € TTC, you will have access to all items of service during 3 months, that is to say more than 1600 briefs and analyzes, as well as those which will be treated during this period, to understand all the news and the great subjects of defense, technology and geostrategy in the world.

Go to the "Subscribe" section to take advantage of this offer non-renewable.

Lagrasse is the perfect setting for BUSINESSES, it is possible to take out this subscription for your employees at the price of € 2,99 including VAT per employee, from 100 subscriptions. We also offer you the possibility of designing educational content over this period, so as to take advantage of this confinement to extend the knowledge of your employees in a targeted manner. Contact us at metadefense.fr@gmail.com for more information or to subscribe to the offer.

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