India also wants stray ammunition for its infantry

While the People's Liberation Army has just published a call for tenders to acquire two types of suicide drones, or "Ammunition Vagabondes" which better describes the specificities of these weapons, India was quick to do the same. On March 6, the Indian military authorities thus launched a request for information to acquire a hundred systems allowing an infantry soldier to use roaming ammunition, whether for interdiction, attack or reconnaissance missions.

The characteristics required of this wandering ammunition are clearly established, with a range of action of 15 kilometers in line of sight, an autonomy greater than 30 minutes, and an ability to evolve at more than 4500 m of altitude, a necessity to operate on the Tibetan plateaus facing China. In addition, the system must be portable and deployable by an infantry soldier, with a mass of 20 kg or less, and provide both day and night viewing capabilities. The warhead is not imposed, but it must be sufficient to deal with infantry forces or weakly armored objectives.

The UVision Hero-30 meets Indian requirements. It is implemented by a portable tactical container and controlled by radio

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