The Chinese People's Liberation Army will equip itself with suicide drones

The Chinese military authorities have announced the launch of a tender, via the dedicated website, covering the acquisition of two models of suicide drones, also called "Loitering munitions" in English, or "vagrant munitions". Already in service with several armed forces around the world, such as Israel, this type of autonomous drone describes the perimeter assigned to it until a target appears, after which it attacks it by rushing on it. If no target appears, the ammunition can then return to its starting point to be recovered, or self-destruct.

This type of ammunition, which can, depending on the model, be dropped from an aircraft or launched from a vehicle, opens up new tactical opportunities, particularly in terms of interdiction and elimination of enemy defense (SEAD). Can be implemented in the form of swarms, they are also a powerful tool for overcoming heavily defended targets, saturating and eliminating their defenses, then hitting the target heavily.

Derived from the Harpy, the IAI Harop is today the operational vagrant ammunition offering the most important performances, with a range of 1000 km. It was commissioned by 6 countries including India, Turkey and Germany

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