The US Army will renew and extend its range of drones with the FVL program

The Futur Vertical Lift program is one of the 6 main pillars of the BIG 6 super program which should allow the US Army to maintain a technological and operational advantage over all its adversaries in the next 20 to 30 years. For the moment, two components have received media attention in this program intended to rethink the airborne component of the US Army, the FARA (Futur Attack and Reconnaissance Aircraft) program and Ith FLRAA (Futur Long Range Assaut Aircraft) program, intended to replace the OH-58 Kiowa helicopters and the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in their respective missions. But the FVL program has another, much less publicized mission, that of replace and extend the range of drones in service in the US Army. The air combat doctrine that the US Army is preparing will indeed be based on the massive use of drones of all sizes and functions, and across the spectrum of engagement.

Aware of the danger now represented by the anti-aircraft defense systems of countries such as Russia or China, the US Army does not want to risk deploying an aircraft, its crew and even less its load of Rangers, as long as this threat does not exist. will not have been neutralized. And this mission will fall to this new generation of drones, which will also have to ensure reconnaissance, electronic warfare, neutralization and communication missions, for the benefit of the forces and helicopters present in the area. Moreover, these drones will enter service long before the first FARA or FLRAA do so, and will therefore interact with, and for the benefit, helicopters currently in service, such as AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, maneuver helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk, and heavy helicopters CH-47 Chinook.

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The drones component of the FVL program will have to interact with current aircraft, and in particular with the AH-64 Apache combat helicopter, which will remain the armed fist of American air combat for a long time to come.

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