60% of Germans want increased cooperation with France on the international scene

Sometimes studies offer results that surprise their sponsors. For example, a study conducted jointly by the American Think tank Pew Research Center in Washington DC, and the German Think tank Koerber Stiftung in Hamburg, on the analysis of a survey conducted among 1000 Americans and 1000 Germans from over 18, showed thehe gap between American and German conceptions of defense and international policy issues. Put into perspective with the study carried out on the occasion of the Munich Defense Forum in 2019, it would even appear that the Germans, unlike their leaders, for the most part have positions much closer to those of the French in many ways, only Americans.

The first statistic, oh so significant, presented by the joint German-American study, alone sums up the extent of the gulf between German and American public opinion. Indeed, if 75% of Americans believe that relations between the two countries are good, 64% of Germans believe that they are bad, and only 34% of Germans would qualify them as good, there or 17% of Americans would call them bad. Moreover, while 85% of Americans surveyed consider American military bases in Germany important or very important, 30% of Germans consider them unimportant, and 15% not important at all, and only 15% of Germans consider them very important 56 % Americans.

The presence of American bases on German soil is considered very important by only 15% of German respondents, against 56% of Americans

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