The United States would study the sale of Patriot missiles… to Turkey!

States have no friends, they only have Interests! This phrase, borrowed by General de Gaulle from Lord Palmerston, British Prime Minister during the reign of Queen Victoria, has seldom seemed to have been as appropriate as to describe the relations between the United States and its "ally. »Turkish. Visiting near the Syrian border, the American ambassador to Turkey, David Satterfield, declared that the United States was now studying the possibility of selling Patriot anti-aircraft systems in Ankara to ensure and strengthen the defense capabilities on its southern border, in particular vis-à-vis the Syrian and Russian aviation, if applicable. If such a contract were to be signed, it would mark an umpteenth turnaround by Turkish President RT Erdogan in his relations with Washington and Moscow, within just a few years.

In 2013, it was following the Obama administration's refusal to sell modern Patriot systems to Turkish forces that Ankara turned to China, signing an order for $ 3 billion for FD2000 systems, the Chinese equivalent of S-300V. Pressure from NATO eventually led the Turkish authorities to cancel the contract, but following the 2016 coup attempt and President Erdogan's renewed mistrust of the contract. from the United States, suspected of being behind this initiative, Ankara turned to an unexpected supplier, Moscow, to acquire batteries of S-400 systems.

The arrival of the first S-400 batteries in Turkey had caused the country's exclusion from the F35 program

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