Investment funds, Private Banking: How to boost and safeguard the BITD on national soil?

In a previous article entitled " Can we create a private investment fund to guarantee national sovereignty“, We discussed the interest of a private and citizen approach, based on a call for savings, to preserve critical technological companies stamped“ Defense ”on the national territory. This article generated many reactions, on social networks like LinkedIn, and especially during direct contacts. It seems that the hypothesis raised has generated a real curiosity, if not, for some, a frank support.

Recent news, and the veto posed by Minister Bruno le Maire on the sale of Photonis, indeed reinforces this observation, because the only government solutions today are based on requests from the ministry to Safran and especially Thales to acquire it. , without real industrial coherence, simply because these companies have a more or less similar activity and are the most important of the national BITD. In this article, we will detail an approach that would effectively allow the implementation of a private and national solution intended to meet this precise need, but also the specific financing needs of defense industries and armies.

The shipyards of Saint-Nazaire, now under Italian control, are the only ones capable of building a large military vessel, such as assault helicopter carriers or future aircraft carriers.

Why should we maintain national control over critical defense technology companies?

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