The French Navy will modernize its 20mm Narwhal guns, which raises questions about the evolution of its close defense capabilities

According to Naval News, the DGA would have notified on January 16 a modernization contract for the 20mm cannon operated by the French Navy, the Narwhal 20B from Nexter. The modernization operation will be carried out by Nexter and Naval Group and will take place in two stages, the technical details of the operation being available in Nathan Gain's analysis for Naval News.

Broadly speaking, stages V1 and V2 of this modernization, which will run until 2022, will mainly aim to improve warning capabilities, including the accuracy and the scope leaves today to be desired in the face of non-military targets (terrorist threats, pirates, traffickers, etc.). This announcement, however, questions us about the choices made recently - and those to come - by the French Navy in the area of close defense of its ships.

The modernization of Narwhal should eventually concern remote control consoles.

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