The US Army wants to speed up the entry into service of its laser and hypersonic weapons

Negotiations are going well between the American staffs and Congress, while the army budget for the year 2021 is being prepared. But there or traditionally, the debates revolved around a few major long-term programs capturing resources. colossal, the American armies, spurred on by the rapid and indisputable rise of military powers such as China and Russia, must now focus their efforts on programs offering rapid convincing results, capable of rebalancing the global operational landscape . This is the case of the US Army which, if it negotiates at the same time the financing of its super BIG 6 program, do not neglect Quick-wins, or quick wins. And in this area, efforts are focused on two specific areas, hypersonic weapons on the one hand, and anti-aircraft and anti-laser missile defense systems on the other hand.

The Long-Range Hypersonic Weapons program, or LRHW, a ground-to-ground hypersonic missile launched from a land vehicle, will see its credits increase from $ 457m in 2020 to $ 831m in 2021, an increase of nearly 82% . The objective of the US Army is to put the LRHW into service from 2023, before entering a phase of traditional industrial production in 2024. This missile implemented from an erector mounted on a trailer and moved by an M893A4 truck, will reach a speed of 6200 km / h, and will use a Common Hypersonic Glide Body block 1 hypersonic glider, common to the hypersonic programs of the 3 armies. In order to avoid redundant work, each army has been designated to pilot certain reusable components of American hypersonic programs. Thus, the LRHW will use the powder boosters of the US Navy Global Strike Hypersonic Weapon program, the medium-change missile which will be used in particular from Virginia submarines.

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