Russia strengthens its naval system in the eastern Mediterranean facing Syria

An air raid yesterday, officially attributed to the Damascus regime, did at least 33 killed among Turkish soldiers, resulting in a rapid response from Ankara, as well as emergency meeting of ambassadors from 29 NATO member countries at the request of Turkey. If Moscow appears to be engaged in several initiatives aimed at de-escalation, there is no indication that the Kremlin is ready to hold back its ally regarding the recapture of the city of Idlib, as well as a possible reduction in air support from Syrian forces.

It is therefore no surprise that we learn today, through a press release from Agence Tass, that the two frigates of the Grigorovich class Admiral Makarov and Admiral Grigorovich, were deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, off Syria. They therefore join the frigate Admiral Essen, of the same class, present on the spot, as well as probably one or two submarines Kilo or Antey.

The Kalibr missile is a cruise missile with a range of 2500 km

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