Pro-Turkish rebels to use at least one T90A tank captured at Idlib

The information to confuse. Indeed, according to several observations, the pro-Turkish rebel para-military forces deployed around the Syrian city of Idlib, the site of a latent confrontation between the Damascus regime supported by Russia, and the forces coordinated by Ankara, at least a T90A tank that would have been captured during the fighting, after being abandoned by his Syrian crew. The T90A represents, in fact, the most efficient of the combat tanks in service with the Russian forces, pending the modernized version T90M, and especially the T-14 Armata. In addition, the Western services would never have managed to get their hands on this tank which still equips the elite Russian armored units.

Suddenly, the information, however substantiated, is most surprising. Because it is certain that the Turkish authorities, and their Western allies, would be very interested to be able to observe closely this armored vehicle. However, it would currently be employed by the rebel forces to fight against the Syrian forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad. This shows, whatever the case, the extreme disorganization that reigns in these para-military forces, and especially the very relative control that Ankara can have over them.

Algeria uses more than 570 T90-SA delivered between 2007 and 2016

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