The delivery of Naval Group's new generation F21 torpedoes has started in France and Brazil

During his press conference on February 21, the head of Naval Group Hervé Guillou, a few weeks before retirement, wanted to take stock of his mandate and the results of the French naval group in recent years. In the midst of Naval Group's major submarine and frigate programs (both in France and for export), Hervé Guillou did not fail to report the delivery of the first batch of new generation F21 heavy torpedoes. He thus evokes " the delivery of the first batch of F21 torpedoes, which is a real “game changer” in terms of heavy torpedoes, with performance considerably superior to what exists anywhere else in the world ».

In fact, far from being just additional equipment for French submarines, the F21 torpedoes will be at the heart of their combat capabilities. Because of their expected performance and their high level of technicality, they will offer attack submarines (SNA) and nuclear missile submarines (SNLE) tactical capabilities absolutely unprecedented in the West. These qualities have already won over export, since the Brazilian Navy received its first F21s at the same time as the French Navy.

The F21 measures 6m with a mass of 1,5t. One of these torpedoes is enough to sink a frigate or a destroyer, even if the ability to dive more than 1000m also makes the F21 a formidable anti-submarine weapon.

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