Imminent Turkish assault on Syria upsets global alliances

Statements of an imminent massive attack by Turkish forces against Russian-backed Damascus regime forces around the northern Syrian town of Idleb continue to provoke reactions within global alliances, to the point of potentially profoundly disrupting the global geopolitical landscape in the months to come.

Recall that following the offensive led by forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad's regime in the direction of the Syrian city of Idleb, in the hands of Islamist militias supported by Ankara, clashes between the regular forces of both camps led to several dozen victims in both camps. To answer, Turkish President Erdogan has repeatedly pledged to take massive action to strike regime forces hard, and beyond the Idleb area if necessary. Since then, several sighting reports have confirmed thestrengthening of Turkish forces in northern Syria, and the Turkish authorities have even warned NATO of the imminent offensive, according to a Turkish daily.

Turkish forces have amassed troops and armored vehicles in northern Syria to launch a massive operation against the Syrian forces of the Damascus regime

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