Between F15 and F35, Israel chooses the 2!

Despite a public deficit of around 3,8% in 2019, the Israeli military authorities announced two new orders for fighter jets, to equip a new F35i squadron and a F15i squadron, or 25 devices of each type, for an amount exceeding $ 3 billion. Far from being a non-decision, the Israeli Air Force considers that the combination of the performances of these two aircraft is the most able to meet the challenges to come in the region.

It was in 2010 that Israel placed a first order for 19 F35i from the United States, a version of the F35A carrying certain electronic equipment and weapons of Israeli origin. A second order of 14 aircraft was placed in 2015, and the last 17 aircraft to reach the target of 50 F35i in the fleet were ordered in 2016. Today, the IAF has 20 F35i in line, and 7 new aircraft will be delivered in 2020, allowing the implementation of the second squadron planned.

The significant autonomy and carrying capacity of the F15i represents an asset that the IAF does not want to shed

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