Russia to align force of 900 T14 and T90M tanks by 2027

During the official presentation of the new generation T14 Armata battle tank, on 9 but 2015 on the occasion of the military parade for the celebration of 70 years of victory during the Great Patriotic War against Nazism, the Russian authorities had announced that the national forces would align 2000 “modern” tanks by 2020. In a small game of the Arab telephone, the approximate translations in addition, this information was interpreted in the West as the ambition to align 2000 of these new generation tanks at the end of the decade, which seemed irrelevant given the current programming law which ended in 2018. The Russian military authorities were actually referring to modernized versions of its T72B3 and T80BV tanks, respectively the T72B3M and the T80BVM, and indeed, by the end of 2020, the number of these modernized armored vehicles in service in Russian units will be close to 2000.

The announcement made this week by the Russian Defense Ministry concerns this time the T14 Armata, as well as the modernized version of the T90, the T90M. According to the Russian authorities, and in accordance with the 2019-2027 GPV, the Russian forces will align, in 2027, 900 “really modern” tanks, namely 500 T14 and 400 T90M, thus reinforcing the 2000+ T72 and T80 already modernized in service, or to be delivered shortly. This announcement appears to be consistent with the planned budgetary resources, the human resources available and the needs of the Russian armed forces.

The 400 T90A in service in the Russian forces will be brought to the T90M standard, borrowing many technologies from the T14 Armata

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