Europe would be unable to face Russia without the United States, according to the Munich Security Report

Each year, on the occasion of the Munich Security Conference, a report is published to highlight the key points of global security. This year's report, as always very rich, lingers in particular on the evaluation of the military means that would effectively be available to NATO members if the United States were to withdraw from it, in the event of a Russian military aggression against certain countries. Baltic and Poland. And the conclusions attest to a flagrant gap between the means available in Europe and those deemed necessary by the integrated command of the Atlantic Alliance.

Land forces are, as one might expect, very exposed to this capability deficit. Thus, that the 33 armored or mechanized brigades necessary to defend the theater of operations, the Europeans would be able to line up only 26, while the 20 battalions of 155mm artillery that can be mobilized represent only 60% of the 36 battalions required. . The most important weakness of European land forces is, unsurprisingly, in the area of ​​anti-aircraft defense. Indeed, according to NATO, it will have no anti-aircraft defense battalion, creating a deficit of 26 battalions equipped with long-range missiles (PAtriot, Aster), and 36 battalions equipped with short-range missiles. In other words, the 26 brigades that NATO would have at its disposal would not benefit from any anti-aircraft defense other than shouldered missiles like the Stinger or the Mistral.

While Europe is home to 3 of the best industrial groups in the world when it comes to battle tanks, it only has half of the heavy tanks available to Russian forces.

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