Airbus Helicopter places its H135 in Thailand and targets other markets in Asia

All over the world, air shows are the occasion to announce major contracts and to display in front of the competition the impressive lists of aircraft sold and delivered during the year. Other sales, however, can appear almost anecdotal due to the volume involved or the amount of the contract. This does not necessarily prevent them from having strategic value, both for the seller and his country of origin. And this is precisely the case with the sale of six Airbus Helicopters H135 light helicopters sold to Thailand, and announced at the Singapore Air Show last week.

So, the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has acquired six H135 light turboprop which will be used from 2021 as training devices, including for the initial training of future Thai military pilots. For Airbus, this is the eleventh H135 military customer, which, however, recently failed to convince the US Navy, which preferred the Italian monoturbine A.119 Koala.

Unlike its big brother H145 which equips the US Army, the H135 did not know how to seduce the US Navy, which preferred the single-engine A.119, more economical for training missions.

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