Russian Ka-52M Alligator helicopter could receive light “cruise missiles”

According to the Russian press, citing sources from the military-industrial complex, the modernization program of the Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter, the Ka-52M, could include the integration of an air "cruise missile" -ground…

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Who is maneuvering to discredit Naval Group in Australia?

3 weeks ago, a report from the Australian national audit agency, or ANAO, the equivalent of the French Cour des comptes, made a report with several comments and questions…

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In terms of deterrence, Germany favors US protection over a partnership with France

On February 7, 2020, during a speech given to the War School interns, French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to open up a negotiation opportunity at the level of ...

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India could 'postpone' construction of its third aircraft carrier

For ten years, the doctrine of the Indian Navy provided for 3 aircraft carriers by 2030. Besides the Vikramaditya already in service, and the Vikrant in progress ...

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The USAF wishes to develop a “generic” version of the F-16 to facilitate its export

While its successor F-35 continues the setbacks, the F-16 continues to align commercial success, even allowing itself to be one of the best-selling hunters in the World in the last three…

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