Renewal of US equipment slowed down by funding for the Trump wall

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump included in his program the construction of a wall facing the Mexican border, supposed to prevent illegal immigration into the country. Once elected, in January 2017 he signed Executive Order 13767 which ordered the government to begin construction of the wall, based on existing federal funds. But with a majority of representatives and senators opposing this multi-billion dollar initiative of dubious effectiveness and significant moral implications, funding was blocked for 3 years, even leading to long periods of "Shut Down" by two. times and blocking the payment of federal service salaries.

In 2019, President Trump ordered Defense Department appropriations to be used for this funding, using a presidential prerogative to allow the president to redirect defense investments in the event of a major and imminent threat. The Pentagon managed to limit the direct effects of the disappearance of $ 3,6 billion in credits, by allocating its application to infrastructure investments and reserve credits. In addition, a Texas judge ruled against the use of army credits, which blocked the process for several months (but army credits had indeed been drained). In January of this year, the US federal court of appeal overturned the decision of the Texas judge, releasing the $ 3,6 billion of 2019.

Withdrawal of congressional funding for advancing America-class LHA-9 construction will likely have the biggest economic impact

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