Rome poised to win in Cairo on the rubble of Franco-Egyptian defense cooperation

At the beginning of last week, the Italian press revealed that Egypt was being negotiated for the acquisition of the last two Italian general FREMM-GP frigates, the F598 Spartaco Schergat and the F599 Emilio Bianchi. In our analysis of the subject, we evoked the industrial, diplomatic and operational logics that such a purchase could underlie, while recalling that such negotiations are by definition long and uncertain.

However, last weekend, the Italian defense twittosphere got carried away again by evoking a potential mega-contract of pus of 9 billion euros which would be in negotiation between Rome and Cairo, in addition to the first two FREMM, about additional ships, combat aircraft and even a satellite. In detail, Egypt would negotiate for the acquisition of four additional frigates, for twenty patrol boats to build under license, but also for two squadrons of Eurofighter Typhoon, an unknown number of M346 training aircraft as well as a satellite . The information was originally published in the written version of the economic newspaper The Sun 24 hours, in addition to the information already published by Start Magazine, and would remain fragmented to say the least.

Before considering a mega-contract of more than 9 billion euros, it will already be necessary for Egypt to consolidate the purchase of the last two Italian FREMMs.

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