After Greece, Spain could join the Franco-Italian European Corvette program

Unveiled on November 12, 2019 by France and Italy to integrate the European Structured Permanent Cooperation Program, or Pesco, the European Patrol Corvette program aims to design a combat ship of 3000 tons, that is to say a light frigate or a heavy corvette. For Rome, which plans to order 8 units, it is a question of replacing the corvettes of the Commander, Cassiope and Minerva classes, while for Paris, the identified need concerns above all the replacement of the 6 Surveillance Frigates of the Floreal class. . It is also the first cooperation program of Naviris, the joint venture between the French Naval Group and the Italian Fincantieri, a project presented as strategic by the two European groups.

This program is likely to meet many needs identified in Europe, and thea Greece, which will have to replace its missile launchers of the La Combattante III class, all ages around 40, quickly joined the program. It is now Spain's turn to take an interest in it, if one is to believe article published by, and which echoes an industrial source, probably in order to lighten the national effort already widely requested by frigate renewal and logistics buildings, building the S80 submarines, replacing the F18 and the SCAF program.

Navantia already offers a 2500 tonne corvette, the Avant 2000, acquired in particular by Saudi Arabia

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