Russian infantry fighting tanks soon to be equipped with a 57mm gun?

The new generation of Russian armored infantry fighting vehicles will enter service between 2020 and 2021. It is made up of 3 armored vehicles: The 15-ton tracked T55 armada, the 25-ton tracked Kurganet 30, and the Boomerang in 8 × 8 version of 25 tons. Until now, these 3 armored vehicles were presented equipped with an Epoch turret, carrying a main 30mm gun, a 7,62mm machine gun and two turrets for four Hornet-EM type anti-tank missiles. But this configuration could well, soon, be replaced by the new automatic turret AU-220M designed by the design offices Burevestnik Central Research Institute, a subsidiary of the Uralvagonzavod company specializing in the manufacture of armored vehicles.

It is in any case the objective of Georgy Zakamennykh, CEO of Burevestnik, speaking to Tass Agency during DefExpo 2020 which is currently being held in India. But this hypothesis also caught the attention of the Russian staff, which had already expressed interest in this new turret, and the performance of this new gun.

Close-up on the AU-220M turret mounted on a T15 Armata. Notice the two Ataka-B missiles to the right of the turret.

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