New Poseidon P-8A weapons could make it a bomber

In the frame an information request to the industry published on the new federal online purchasing center, the US Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has unveiled part of its plans to extend the operational capabilities of its fleet of P-8A maritime patrol aircraft Poseidon. This would indeed involve the integration of new armaments on the Poseidon. These armaments would considerably expand its military capabilities, to the point of making it a real regional bomber, while making it more formidable than ever for naval combat on and under water.

The debate over the breadth of the P-8A's operational spectrum has been raging for years within the US Navy, the surface fleet wanting NAVAIR to continue to dedicate its Poseidon to maritime operations only, in support of the fleet, while that US Navy aviators regularly supported the idea of ​​expanding the capabilities of their aircraft. The example of the French Atlantic 2, operating regularly in support of land forces, is also resurfaced several times in public discussions around this topic.

Like many PATMAR aircraft, the P-8 carries its weapons both in the hold and under the canopy. It thus has an excellent carrying capacity making it possible to make a regional bomber or a powerful air support device.

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