President Macron opens the door to Polish participation in the Franco-German MGCS tank program

Traveling to Poland on February 4, E. Macron seems ready to start a diplomatic and political rapprochement with Poland, even though Paris and Warsaw have been somewhat cold for a few years. If military subjects are at the heart of recent quarrels between France and Poland, this time they could allow their reconciliation. The President of the Republic has indeed raised the possibility of integrating Poland into the future battle tank program, the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System), possibly within the framework of permanent structured cooperation (CSP or PESCO in English). ) of the European Union. An interesting idea which nevertheless raises many questions.

The idea of ​​Polish participation in MGCS, which aims to replace the French Leclerc tanks and the German Leopard 2s over the next decade, is not new. It was in fact mentioned in 2016 by the former Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierwicz, and has never been abandoned by Warsaw. The expansion of the MGCS program as part of a PESCO / CSP project has been pushed by Poland since last year, as the Nathan Gain reports on Forces Operations Blog in August 2019.

Presented in 2018 at Eurosatory, the EMBT presents a Leopard 2A7 chassis and a Leclerc tank turret. It is not a MGCS demonstrator, but a symbol of industrial cooperation and of rapprochement between KMW and Nexter

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