Renewed tensions between Paris and Ankara over Libya and Cyprus

Relations between French President E.Macron and his counterpart RT Erdogan have already been very diplomatic in recent months, both about the Turkish intervention in northern Syria and the fait accompli that is trying to implement the Ottoman authorities around the huge gas field discovered near Cyprus, and which depends on the independent part of the Island member of the European Union. But in recent days, tensions have reached a new stage, when the French president openly accused RT Erdogan of not respecting his commitments in Libya, by fueling the conflict with mercenaries drawn from the forces of pro-Turkish militias in Syria.

In recent months, Paris and Ankara have been confronted on several issues. Already in March 2018, France opposed to a Turkish intervention in the north of Syria in order to protect its Kurdish allies from the YPG, the Turkish authorities had published the positions of the French special forces deployed in the area, posing a renewed risk to these forces and angering the French authorities. But it's the intervention of the Turkish armed forces against these same allies of the French YPG in the north of Syria, consecutive to the withdrawal of the American forces announced by D. Trump, who really set fire to the powder, even if several declarations of the Turkish president had already caused the annoyance of the French authorities. At the NATO summit in December 2019, E.Macron openly criticized the alliance so as not to take action against Turkey when it had acquired Russian-made S-400 air defense systems. To which President Erdogan replied with Ad Hominem attacks against the French President and his wife, which led to the summoning of the Turkish ambassador to Paris.

A Turkish drilling ship escorted by a Turkish frigate in July 2019, in the area claimed by Ankara

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