The US Space Force could operate a thousand satellites by 2026

We now know a little more about the means that the all-new US Space Force plans to have, and these are just awesome! At a conference held the day before yesterday at the Pentagon, the director of the Space Development Agency Derek Tournear has revealed that it intends to deploy several dozen military satellites of a new type as early as 2022, for a total capacity of nearly 1000 satellites from 2026. Figures which seem incomparable for a military program, but which denote in reality a radically new conception of military space.

Traditionally, military communication and surveillance satellites - notably anti-missile - have been deployed in geostationary orbit, the low orbit being rather reserved for reconnaissance satellites. In geosynchronous orbit, it only takes a handful of satellites, generally between four and twelve, to have global coverage. However, such satellites are particularly large, and therefore very expensive to develop, build and put into high orbit, from where they can operate for several decades.

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